​​Delivering Life Sciences Through Informatics

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Our Offerings


Whether it is identifying and implementing a cost-effective LIMS solution, developing Bioinformatics databases, computational data analysis pipelines, training your laboratory scientists with bigdata analysis and visualization tools, Jeeva offers a cost-effective enterprise solution.

Genomics Bioinformatics Cloud Solutions: Public or private cloud infrastructure to support life sciences research. Best practices data analytics workflows with open source and commercial tools

Laboratory Information Management and BioIT Solutions: 
Dramatically reduce the cost of your LIMS licensing and deployment through Jeeva's web- or cloud- based solutions for simple to complex laboratory workflows. Contact us for cost-effective, vendor neutral tool selection, customization and implementation

Health IT application development: Patient registries, software for longitudinal clinical studies and genetics studies

BigData applications: Secure cloud infrastructure, data integration, analytics, health data standards and compliance

Bioinformatics Training for Biologists: professional hands-on Bioinformatics training program for life scientists (biologists, biochemists, plant or animal scientists, geneticists...) at various levels (BS, MS, PhD)


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